The Republic of Dance

Caribbean Nights


Performance at the Holyoke Soldiers Home
The French Cancan Madam


The Kiss

Global dancing is at the core of Small Planet Dancers. The Republic of Dance performs dances from around the globe, including:

  • Boxoffice Ballroom (Rogers and Astaire)
  • Cancan (French)
  • Caribbean Nights (Salsa)
  • Conga
  • Dance for the Emperor (Ribbon Dance)
  • Dancing in the Light (Poi)
  • Dreams of Happiness (Geisha)
  • Hernando's Hideaway (American Tango/Charleston)
  • Hungarian Gypsy
  • La Cara De La Luna (Argentine Tango - Milonga Style)
  • Laissez Faire (French Canadian)
  • Mazurka (Polish)
  • Mbube (Zulu)
  • Nutcracker
  • Only on the Outside (Jive)
  • Pink Panther Tango (Argentine Tango)
  • Remember When (Country Tango)
  • Rhythms of the Highlife (Ghanaian)
  • Rompi Rompi
  • Second Chance Tango
  • Sunrise Over the Yangtze River (Water Sleeve Dance)
  • Syrtaki (Greek men's dance)
  • Tarantella (Italian)
  • The Three Minute Romance (Argentine Tango - Salon Style)
  • The Untouchables (Tap)
  • This Side of Paradise (Argentine Tango - Salon Style)
  • Viva Flamenco!

Greek dancing