Remembering the War to End All Wars:

Going To War

This Was Vaudeville
Vernon and Irene Castle

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Small Planet Dancers' has put together an entire hour and one half show commemorating the centennial of the War to End All Wars (WWI):

  • Overture to World War I
  • Songs of World War I (sing along)
  • Titanic: Foreshadowing the Lusitania
  • This Was Vaudeville
  • In Memory of Vernon & Irene
  • The Christmas Truce (dramatic reading)
  • Stormy Weather Cakewalk
  • 12th Street Rag
  • In Flanders Field (dramatic reading)
  • Letters from the Trenches
  • Songs of World War I (sing along)
  • Victory Parade

12th Street Rag
Titanic: Foreshadowing the Lusitania